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For sale is a stunning and elegant ring featuring a captivating green tourmaline and shimmering diamonds, a masterpiece that effortlessly blends nature's beauty and timeless luxury.

The centerpiece of this exquisite ring is a mesmerizing green tourmaline gemstone. The tourmaline is a brilliant, rich green hue, reminiscent of lush forests and vibrant meadows. Its colour ranges from deep emerald greens to softer, more delicate shades, creating a captivating play of light and depth. The gemstone is expertly cut into a classic and elegant oval shape, and set within a safe bezel setting.

Surrounding the vibrant green tourmaline are a series of dazzling diamonds, carefully chosen to complement and enhance the gemstone's allure. These diamonds are skillfully set in a halo design, framing the tourmaline with a brilliant and sparkling embrace. The diamonds catch and reflect light from every angle, adding an extra layer of elegance and glamour to the ring.

The band of the ring is crafted from high-quality precious metal, of 9ct yellow gold, providing a timeless and sophisticated backdrop for the gemstones.

Whether worn as a statement piece, or a symbol of elegance, this green tourmaline and diamond ring is a true work of art. Its exceptional craftsmanship, stunning gemstones, and timeless design make it a remarkable addition to any jewellery collection or a cherished gift for a special occasion.

Total diamond weight is .11ct GH I1