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Support for your emotional support water bottle is here! Say goodbye to the days of your water bottle rolling all over your car - with Willy and Bear car cup holder expanders, it can now sit securely next to you in the car where it belongs.

Our product has been designed, manufactured and produced in Australia using 100% recycled materials.

Willy and Bear cup holders have been designed to fit the standard car cup holder.

The cup holder can be cleaned with soap and water and we do not recommend dishwasher use.

If you decide you’re done with your Willy and Bear, you can pop me in your recycling bin! I am friends with our planet.

Sizing Information

Willy and Bear has been created for the standard car cup holder.

General sizing is provided however complete dimensions are not available to protect our small business from copyright.

Thank you for your understanding x

Returns Policy

We do not offer refunds for products that do not fit your car. The cup has been designed to fit the standard car cup holder - so we ask if it unfortunately doesn’t fit your vehicle pass it on to a loved one as a gift.


The usage of Willy and Bear car cup holders carries the risk of causing physical harm to the user or damage to the product itself in the case of a vehicle collision or other incident on the road. By purchasing this product, the buyer acknowledges and accepts full responsibility for any harm to property or personal injury that may arise during its usage. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to determine whether a Willy and Bear car cup expander is safe for their specific car model. explicitly disclaims any liability for any form of direct, incidental, consequential, or special damages, including but not limited to loss of life, limb, or bodily injury, that may result from buying and using this product.