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Hagerty Silver Care - Silver Gloves
For silver and silverplated items

Silversmith’s gloves are designed to clean and maintain silver and silverplated items with ease. Removes oxidation and restores original lustre.

Thanks to their impregnation, the gloves make vases, frames and other tarnished items shine. They protect from oxidation for several weeks and remove dirt from decorative objects and other precious silver and silverplated items. The gloves allow firm grip of the item while cleaning, keeping hands dry. The cleaning is easy, gives instant results and does not cause any micro-scratches or marks on the metal.

To use, slip on the gloves at the first sign of tarnish. Dust silver while rubbing lightly but thoroughly with the gloves. The tarnish barrier is replenished, giving silver a longer lasting gleam.

  • Materials: 100% Cotton
  • Care Instructions: Do not wash. Replace as soon as the gloves are completely blackened.