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Musango Mug - Demi Sgraffito tangerine 70 x 9cm

Musango, a family-run business that began in 2017, is fuelled by a passion for colour and contemporary, functional design. Designed in the UK and manufactured in Portugal, they take pride in creating ceramics that are visually captivating, practical as well as bringing a sense of fun.

Each piece is meticulously designed with the belief that everyday items can be a source of inspiration and joy, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.

All Musango’s pieces are designed with practicality and good functionality in mind. For that reason, all their ceramics are crafted from stoneware, a hard-wearing and durable material that’s perfect for everyday use.

Using the slip casting and press moulded method, each piece undergoes a meticulous production process. Their skilled artisans carefully pour liquid clay into moulds, ensuring precise shaping and consistent quality across the collections.

all their pieces are painted by hand, requiring a high level of concentration and of course a steady hand!

From the early sketches to the final product, Musango infuses their pieces with their shared love for vibrant hues and thoughtful design. Whether it’s a mug to start your day or a jug for shared moments, their ceramics effortlessly elevate your dining experience, turning ordinary occasions into fond memories.