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This platinum ring  showcases a beautiful oval-cut diamond as the centerpiece, complemented by a halo of diamonds and diamonds set along the shoulders. The use of platinum as the metal adds to the ring's elegance and durability. It's a sophisticated and classic design that combines timeless beauty with eye-catching sparkle.

The ring is made of platinum, specifically platinum 950. Platinum is a highly valued and durable metal, known for its lustrous white appearance and resistance to tarnish. Platinum 950 indicates that the ring is composed of 95% pure platinum.

The centerpiece of the ring is an oval-cut diamond with a weight of 0.30 carats. The oval cut is known for its elongated shape, which can create an elegant and flattering look. The diamond is held securely in place by claw prongs, which add a delicate and timeless touch to the design.  The ring features 30 additional diamonds with a combined weight of 0.36 carats. These diamonds are set in a halo around the central diamond and along the shoulders of the ring